Behind the scenes of The Wedding Pastors you'll find a guy named Chris. He's been a pastor for over a decade and one of the things he enjoys most is the chance to perform weddings. Honestly, what could be better than throwing a big party to celebrate love with your closest friends and family? Chris has also hand-picked a few other pastors that are similar to him in age, style, and approach, to ensure that The Wedding Pastors are able to meet the needs of each inquiry we get.

Since you have to make vows, we think it's only fair for to make a few of our own.

  1. We vow to create a ceremony that captures you and your fiancé's personality
  2. We vow to be easy to work with and to get a hold of
  3. We vow to not be stuffy, out of touch, or boring
  4. We vow to not say anything cringe-worthy

You will remember this day for the rest of your life, so it's important to us that you feel a good connection with whoever officiates your wedding. You get to see the photographers work, you get to try the caterers food, and we think that you should get a chance to talk with the officiant before choosing as well! Please let us know if you would like to schedule a time to talk.


I grew up in North Carolina and moved to California in high school. I've been a pastor since 2003, and love the way it allows me to walk alongside people in their journey, wherever it leads them. Currently I'm a pastor at a church in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area.

 I truly married my best friend, Esmeralda. She is way funnier than me, but still laughs at all my jokes. We have two boys; Mason is 6 and loves movies, books, and music. Arlo is 2 and loves running, jumping, climbing, and all things out-doors. 

Chris, Arlo, Mason, & Esmeralda

Chris, Arlo, Mason, & Esmeralda

A few of my favorite things:

  • Music: I've played music since I was 10 and can find myself in a wide variety of styles - but I love hip hop, and 90's rock will always be close to my heart. 
  • Cooking - Mexican food is my go-to, but I'm always up for a new challenge!
  • Friends - This might be cheating, because cooking and music usually revolves around friends as well. We just love having people over and hanging out! 
  • The beach - Whether it's sitting in the sand, playing in the water with the kids, or riding cruisers down the boardwalk - we love all things beach-related!